towing company StauntonOur company was started to provide the great people of Staunton, VA, a towing option that you could know and trust. We were not the big city towing companies coming into town after making a client wait an hour. We saw that happening and knew that it was about time that our great community had a towing option they could be proud of here in Staunton. We have spent the time to invest in this community, and whether you are looking for towing services or roadside services, we are here for you and your vehicle.

Our Fleet

Since our inception, our company has grown exponentially over the years. We started with a few light duty tow trucks to handle the commuter vehicles for the region. However, as we began to get more clients, we saw our fleet needs expand with the additional clientele. So, after a few years of searching, we have established one of the most significant towing fleets in the region. Today, we are proud to serve our community with light duty tow trucks, medium-duty truck trucks, and heavy duty tow trucks. Thus, if it moves, chances are the team at Staunton Tow Truck can tow it!

Our People

Staunton Tow TruckAs a proud Staunton-based company, we here at Staunton Tow Truck like to hire locally. We always have hand-picked our drivers from this community, and whether they are driving our light duty tow trucks or heavy duty tow trucks, our drivers have the experience and expertise to tow and recover it all. Our drivers have thousands of hours behind the wheel and are known for their excellent customer service. Then there are our dispatchers. Our dispatchers are the best in the state; heck, they are the best in the country!  They have all been trained to handle any emergency, and if you need a tow, they can talk you through the process and even provide you with an accurate estimated time of arrival for our tow truck.

Our Servicestow truck in Staunton VA

As you probably already know, the team at Staunton Tow Truck has long been the top-tier option for all things towing and accident recovery. Whether you are looking for specialized towing service or a general one, our tow trucks are here to help. The same goes for our roadside assistance services. If you need a tire change service, a lockout service or even a gas delivery service, our team is here for you!

If you are looking for towing services or roadside assistance services in the great community of Staunton, VA, then look no further than the local leaders in all things towing at Staunton Tow Truck. We have been the gold standard in this community for years, and whether you need towing, recovery or help, our tow trucks are here for you and your car. Our tow trucks are quick to respond and will provide you with a white-glove service that only a local company can provide.  Give Staunton Tow Truck a call today, and experience a better towing experience from the leaders in towing in Staunton, VA.